Helping you navigate the social challenges shaping our world today.

Advised by the world’s leading center for public diplomacy, we provide facilitation services to businesses and individuals to broaden perspectives and solve problems.

Conversations that Matter.

Many of today’s conversations are difficult to have, but we need to have them in order to move forward and solve problems together. Facilitated dialogue can help us do this. We need facilitators to fix our broken conversations, just like we need doctors to fix our broken bones. 

When the connections between us break down—when we find ourselves in the middle of an unresolvable conflict, or our relationships become unhealthy—we often think the only option is to live with it. But there are people trained to help in these situations. 

Facilitators help us to become more effective communicators, listeners, and thinkers  so that we can work collectively towards better outcomes. We combine the best research, academic, and ground level minds in facilitation methodology with silicon-valley bred technologists to educate and deploy facilitators throughout society.

Better Humans For Business

We provide your business with trained facilitators to support you in finding the best ways through the issues of today, helping you unlock the potential to do better as an organisation.

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We believe that facilitation is the antidote to polarization

And we want to show you why.  We run facilitated dialogue sessions around controversial topics so you can gain new perspectives and move towards positive outcomes.

Better Humans helps you to understand and work through the social and ideological issues of today with facilitation methods that build emotional intelligence. We use academically developed resources and open-source methods to breakthrough negative narratives, social blindspots, team and organisational blockers. 

Our conversations dive deep into topics  including:

  • Responses to COVID
  • Race relations
  • Societal inequalities
  • Gender
  • Climate change

The focus is on personal experiences and views more than debate. Our aim is to humanize “the other” rather than argue any single point of view. Employing techniques that allow you to engage with others in non-ordinary ways, we help you to reach non-ordinary goals, whether individually, social-responsibility or strategy based. 

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