Helping you navigate
the social challenges shaping our world today.

Helping you navigate
the social challenges shaping our world today.


Advised by the world’s leading center for public diplomacy, we provide facilitation services to businesses and individuals to broaden perspectives, solve problems, and improve collective well-being.

Having the conversations that matter.

Many of today’s conversations are difficult to have, but we need to have them in order to solve the issues we face together. Facilitated dialogue works by transforming our conversations from debate into dialogue. It disrupts the objectifying narratives that can hurt individuals, relationships, and even communities. 

When the connections between us break down, we tend to think the only option is to live with it. Facilitators can provide guidance in these situations, helping us to evolve our mindset and become better communicators and thinkers. 

We combine the best research and academic minds in facilitation methodology with silicon-valley bred technologists to train and deploy facilitators throughout society.

Fostering workplace cultures.

Our trained facilitators use academically developed concepts and open-source methods to breakthrough negative narratives and potential blindspots. We support you in finding the best ways through the issues of today to drive progress in your organization.

Our expertise is empowering Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives with ongoing bottom-up workshops, rather than one-off trainings that don’t stick.

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Starting with dialogue, not debate.

We believe that facilitated dialogue can move us away from polarized thinking.

We run sessions on sensitive topics using facilitation methods that help build emotional intelligence and open the collective mind. 

Facilitated dialogue isn’t about correcting people’s beliefs or narratives. It’s a space for exploring those beliefs and narratives, using thoughtful examination to breakdown falsehoods. The focus is on personal experiences and views, with an aim to humanize “the other” rather than argue any single point of view. 

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