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All of our dialogues are hosted by a Better Humans Facilitator and open to the public.

What is a facilitated conversation?

We believe that facilitated dialogue can move us away from polarization. We run facilitated dialogue sessions around sensitive topics so you can gain new perspectives and move towards positive outcomes.

Better Humans helps you to understand and work through the social and ideological issues of today with facilitation methods that build emotional intelligence. The focus is on personal experiences and views more than debate.

Our aim is to humanize “the other” rather than argue any single point of view. Employing techniques that allow you to engage with others in non-ordinary ways, we help you to reach non-ordinary goals, whether individual or organization based.

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We bring experts from around the globe and various industries to enhance awareness and emotional intelligence. Each facilitator brings hundreds of hours of experience helping groups explore and navigate ideological differences.


Co-Founder of an initiative created to encourage critical thinking in Colombia. Participated in dialogue efforts related to the Colombia’s peace agreement referendum.

Bogotá, Colombia


Holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering, professional experience as a commissioning agent in the construction industry, and extensive international travel.

Portland, OR


Co-Founder of a non-profit with community leaders in Haiti. Holds a degree in Sociology & Criminology and professional experience as a software engineer in healthcare.

Denver, CO


Born in New Jersey, raised in an Italian American household, and lived in Central America for years. Spent the past decade working in sales with Fortune 500 companies.

Baltimore, MD


An Ojibway and Houma American Indian. Holds a decade of experience as a nurse, plus a degree in Sociology. Passionate about bridging divides through empathic communication.

Nashville, TN


Served as a chairmen with the National Society of Black Engineers. Holds a degree in Aerospace Engineering and five years of experience in the industry.

Tucson, AZ

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Gender Inequality

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